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#14357080 May 13, 2020 at 03:06 PM
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Hey Guys, we had an officers meeting the other night and one of the things we were discussing is loot for aq40. For BWL, priests and druids stuck to tier gear so there was less competition for the BiS pieces for the pallys. I was wondering how you guys felt this worked out and how would you like to do gear prio going into aq40?

Some suggestions were that priests and druids keep using their tier sets but will receive prio on neck, back, rings trickets and weapons while pallys get funneled the BiS items for the other slots.

Another idea was priests get prio on cloth, druids leather and pallys mail/plate.

Another is everyone composes a "wish list" with the top 3 items you want for each gear slot and we try to funnel people the gear they want as best we can.

Alternatively we could just free roll all the healing gear.

In any case I want to encourage you guys to have a look through the gear lists and let me know how you would like to contribute with gear distribution going forward.
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