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#14348291 Apr 26, 2020 at 05:29 PM
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Operation Retribution: A Guide to Downing Horde Capitals

1. Why should we down Horde capitals?: The fear of dishonorable kills and lack of information/strategy surrounding capital invasions has discouraged many alliance from even discussing the idea of killing faction leaders. I believe there are real benefits for pursuing this though. Here are a few reasons why we might pursue this:
  • To my knowledge, no alliance guild has killed a Horde faction leader. Killing one would make us stand-out among other guilds.

  • DH kills can be avoided with a clean path (see below)
  • killing a faction leader provides a great deal of honor.
  • It can be accomplished in <45 mins (you only get 1 shot).
  • It's revenge for phase 2 that doesn't include griefing other players.
  • It's a badass experience going undercover in a horde capital, and provides a unique gameplay experience.

2.Which capitals can we down?: There are three capitals for the Horde (ranked here from most difficult to lease): (a) Orgrimmar, (b) Undercity, and (c) Thunderbluff. Difficulty is determined by the following: players population, faction leader difficulty, avoiding DH kills, length of route to faction leader. All three of these capitals have a backdoor or side entrance that we exploit to make our way to the faction leaders (see below). At least thirty (30) level 60 Alliance at least MC geared are required for Undercity and Thunderbluff, and at least sixty (60) are required for Orgrimmar. I'd add an additional 10 players for each city capital already toppled as we'll likely be lacking surprise.

3. Undercity: The capital city of the Forsaken undead of the Horde. As we know, all undead are edgelords who deserve to be camped. Undercity is the 2nd most difficult Horde capital based on a fair amount horde population and difficult boss dynamics. I believe this should be the first capital to pursue, as it will be much more difficult once the Horde understands out plan is to down each capital. Here's the plan

...leave Ironforge and arrive at South Shore at minute 0. From SS, travel west, then north alongside the hillsbrad fields in groups of 5 to ward off suspicion from low-level alts. Ride through Alterac and arrive at the islands south of Undercity. Buff up before traveling north and into the back entrance of Undercity. Go through the sewers, where (after killing the first guard) we'll be on a timer. As you exit the sewers, we'd swim in the slime river to the right to avoid civilians. Once at the Apothecarium, we go down the hallway and continue killing guards until the chamber room. The room contains 6-8 royal guards (60 elite) and two bosses Sylvanas and Varimathras. Varimathras has an AoE life drain and Sylvanas has a multishot, fade, and teleport. Focus Varimathras while Sylvanas is off-tanked, then turn on Sylvanas. At 5%, have a mage open a portal so everyone can bail as soon as she's down.

...I can post guides for the other two cities if this is something we might be interested in as a guild. If not, I take no offense!
#14350387 Apr 30, 2020 at 11:43 PM
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This is Awesome!! I would definitely like to take our raid team to a horde city one night, UD would be a good go at it. We would definitely need to strategize on making sure all and any DK's would not happen. i think DK's are the main factor in why its hard to organize such an event. it only takes 1 person to ruin it for the rest of the raid in regards to DK's. very cool tho
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